Please vote for this amazing project. My brother and his partner are trying to get a grant. The project is called Play With Music. It is a comprehensive scalable music platform for education. PWMP will reach music skills as well as the fundamentals of modern audio engineering, sound design,production and editing. Please VOTE and Share. #newhistory #playwithmusic #PWMP #music #good #education #play #myla2050 #myla2050play

#birthright liked my photo so much that they decided to use I as advertising which is pretty awesome. For all my fellow Jews, winter registration is now open. If you haven’t gone, you should. I went this summer and it was such an amazing experience. I will cherish the memories forever, I met some amazing people who are now part of my extended Jewish family and I learned so much about my culture and religion. I miss Israel so much. It is a beautiful country. I will be doing an abroad program in Israel as soon as I can. I also, want to move there and become a citizen. #israel #israeloutdoors #taglit #bus420 #memories #adventure

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Missing my extended Jewish family so much. ❤️🔯 #taglit #bus420 #birthright #israel #family #jewish #jew

My brother is trying to get a grant to leverage music, collaboration & technology to re-imagine how kids learn & play with digital media in the 21st century. Research & build a platform to teach LA kids music & tech skills, by playing in “virtual bands” with peers & pro musicians.



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